Curtis Jordan, Executive Director, Regional Procurement Office (RPO) West

As Executive Director, Service Area Office (SAO) West, Sacramento, CA, Mr. Jordan, in this capacity as the Head of Contracting Activity (HCA), leads over 700 contracting professionals located in 21 western states and US territories (from Texas, north to Montana, west to the Philippines). He oversees the obligation of $3 billion and the award of 44 thousand contracts annually. He manages the full range of procurement vehicles, policies, procedures, and operations for five (5) Veterans Integrated Service Networks (VISNs) and six (6) Network Contracting Offices (NCOs) in support of our nation’s Veterans. He also leads a higher headquarters staff of 20 professionals responsible for the operational execution, oversight, compliance, direction and support to all procurement organizations within the SAO West region. Mr. Jordan ensures operational effectiveness of all procurement and contract management activities and compliance with all regulations, policies and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). Additionally, he directs standardization of organization structure, processes, procedures, terminology, performance measurement, and customer satisfaction across NCOs in the region.

Mr. Jordan is a seasoned senior management professional with proven experience leading acquisition strategy, business and facility operations, program management, supply chain operations and process improvements in healthcare supplies, equipment, services and highly-technical contracts to also include construction and leasing requirements at over 450 sites of care within the western region. Mr. Jordan is certified in the Federal Acquisition Certification, Level III (Contracting), the Acquisition Professional Development Program, Level I (Life Cycle Logistics), and the Acquisition Professional Development Program, Level I (Program Management).

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