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Trustworthy AI

AI instituted in a responsible manner has enormous potential to benefit our nation’s Veterans and health care systems across the United States

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has the largest integrated healthcare system in the country. VA is responsible for vast amounts of data, including the largest genomic knowledge base in the world linked to health care information. In addition, VA trains the largest number of nurses and doctors in the United States.

VA is committed to creating and implementing a unified trustworthy AI framework based on the highest federal standards to promote Veteran trust in AI-delivered health care and benefits services.

VA’s mission is to provide high-quality and trustworthy care and services to Veterans

Approved for agency-wide use in July 2023, VA’s Trustworthy AI Framework is based on six important principles:

Purposeful, Effective and Safe, Secure and Private, Fair and Equitable, Transparent and Explainable, Accountable and Monitored

AI implemented in a responsible manner has enormous potential to benefit our nation’s Veterans by improving patient care and the trust Veterans have in the services they receive.


All use of AI at VA adheres to requirements set by the federal government:

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