FOIA Version of VistA

All nationally released patches are located within subfolders by Application name under the Patches By Application folder. Updates are posted on a monthly basis.

Any patch containing the following criteria will be redacted:

  • Security information, such as hashes and passwords
  • Sensitive information, such as hard-coded addresses
  • Internal VA comments
  • Proprietary software embedded in VistA

Need assistance?

Department of Veterans Affairs
810 Vermont Avenue, NW
(005X6D) VACO
Washington, DC 20420
FOIA Hotline: 1-877-750-3642
Fax: 202-632-7581


Please refrain from submitting a FOIA request for personal records. This could delay overall processing.

Requests for personal records

You must request personal records (C-files, medical records, DD214, etc.) from the appropriate administration or agency.