The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) will accept Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests electronically.

If you have a FOIA request that relates to the VA Office of Procurement, Acquisition, and Logistics (OPAL), please submit your request to

If you have a FOIA request that relates to the VA Office of Contruction and Facilities Management (CFM), please submit your request

The Department of Veterans Affairs Freedom of Information Offices are decentralized. Our office does not maintain Military Service Records, Veteran’s Medical or Benefit Records. FOIA related requests, as they relate to Veterans Health Administration, Veterans Benefits Records, National Cemetery Administration, Military Service Records, and Other Administration Records may be submitted through the VA’s FOIA website. Please read all applicable sub sections including but not limited to “How to Submit a FOIA Request,” “Find your local VBA regional office,” and “Find your VHA medical facility.”

To comply with the FOIA Improvement Act of 2016, the VA Office of Acquisition, Logistics, and Construction (OALC) FOIA office publicly, electronically discloses records requested at least three times since June 30, 2016, onto this FOIA Library.


Access the VA FOIA Frequently Asked Questions if you need more information.


VA maintains a collection of documents that are available electronically on the Internet.  These public records include VA statements of policy, staff manuals, as well as high-profile records that have been previously requested by another member of the public and is likely to become the subject of another FOIA request.  It is likely that the information you seek has already been made available on the VA FOIA reading room.

Historical VA Pharmaceutical Prices

Since July 2015, on its website every two weeks, the VA National Acquisition Center posts and updates its negotiated pharmaceutical prices with vendors.  Prior to July 2015, the VA Pharmacy Benefits Management Service posted such on its website.