Congressional and Legislative Affairs

Every Member of Congress represents Veterans, survivors and caregivers and has a VA-presence in their district and state. The Office of Congressional and Legislative Affairs is the central point in for the Department on all matters involving the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate and is the chief liaison on all engagement and interaction with Members of Congress, Committees of jurisdiction, and their offices as well as maintaining responsive and effective communications. With offices located both at the Department’s central office and on Capitol Hill, this webpage is an online tool to share resources with Congressional partners on areas of interest within the Department and ensure accessibility of information to connect with a member of the team.

Patricia L. Ross

Assistant Secretary, Office of Congressional and Legislative Affairs

Constituent resource links

  • VA Welcome Kit—Whether you’re just getting out of the military or have been a civilian for many years, the VA Welcome Kit can help guide you to the benefits and services you have earned.
  • VA Outreach Events—Explore FREE events for all Veterans, their families, caregivers, and survivors.
  • PACT Act Dashboard—VA publishes the PACT Act Performance Dashboard every other Friday to measure the implementation of this legislation and showcase its impact on Veterans and survivors.
  • Workforce Dashboard—The Workforce Dashboard is an enterprise-wide collaboration that was created to track, measure, and monitor organizational growth, retention, time to hire and satisfaction.
  • Veterans Legacy Program (VLP)—The VLP commemorates our nation’s Veterans and Service Members through the discovery and sharing of their stories.

118th VA Congressional information packet

    • Casework Guide-We maintain a presence on Capitol Hill to provide a convenient on-site location where Members can obtain assistance on casework and other VA-related issues for their Veteran constituency. This guide provides information on how we can assist.
    • State Summary Sheets—State Summaries capture major facts about the Veteran population, including gender, age, population projections etc., and VA’s presence in each state, including facilities and expenditures.
    • VA Plans, Budget, Finances, and Performance—Access various plans and performance reports including strategic plan, annual budget submission, agency financial report, etc.

VA News resources

  • VA News—All news, press releases, and speeches from VA.
  • VA News Updates—Subscribe today to receive VA’s news releases in your inbox.
  • #VetResources Newsletter—A weekly newsletter for Veterans, their families, caregivers, and survivors.
  • VA Secretary’s Blog—Take a look at what the Secretary has to say.
  • Top Stories—View the tops stories posted to VA News.
  • VA Podcast Network—Offers a diverse selection of top-quality podcasts made with a Veteran community in mind.

VA Congressional Fellowship Program

The Department of Veterans Affairs seeks highly motivated VA employees to work in the Capitol Hill office of a Member of Congress, or with a congressional committee each year.

Learn more about the program

Meet the 2024 Congressional Fellows

Liaison Offices

For Caseworker Questions or Inquiries on Behalf of Individual Veterans, Dependents and Survivors Call or Visit OCLA Liaison Offices:

House Office

Rayburn House Office Building
Room 2028
Phone: 202-225-2280
Fax: 202-273-9988

Senate Office

Russell Senate Office Building
Room 189
Phone: 202-224-5351
Fax: 202-273-9988