Official portrait of Beth Murphy

Beth Murphy was appointed Executive Director of Compensation Service on July 25, 2016. Beth is responsible developing and implementing policies and procedures related to the administration of VA disability compensation programs, which paid almost $95 billion in benefits in fiscal year 2019 to more than 5 million eligible Veterans and family members. She is the responsible official for VA’s Integrated Disability Evaluation System Program, a collaboration with Department of Defense to seamlessly transition the most seriously ill and injured Servicemembers.

Beth also manages VA’s contract program to provide disability medical examinations to support claims processing determinations. She is licensed to practice law in the State of Ohio.

In September 2019, Beth received the Presidential Rank Award of Distinguished Executive, the highest annual award for career Senior Executive Servicemembers.

Prior to her current appointment, Beth served as the Deputy Under Secretary for Field Operations and was responsible for the effective operation and oversight of VBA’s 56 regional and five district offices.

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