Dwayne Campbell

Mr. Campbell joined the Center for Minority Veterans (CMV) as a program Analyst in November 2009.  He serves as the Center’s Veteran Liaison for the Hispanic American Veterans’ community.  As Liaison for the Hispanic American Veteran’s community, he is constantly engaged in different events that promote cultural diversity.  He also identifies issues that are unique and affect the Hispanic American Veteran community.

Prior to joining the Center, Mr. Campbell was a Health Insurance Specialist at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.  Mr. Campbell served as CMS; Veterans outreach coordinator, the National Medicare Education Program coordinator and co-coordinator for the Advisory Panel on Medicare Education.  He was awarded the CMS Administrator Achievement Award for outstanding support during Medicare’s Part D first open enrollment campaign.

Mr. Campbell worked as a Staff Officer II in the Office of the Governor, Mississippi Division of Medicaid.  In this capacity he assisted the Deputy Executive Director for Administration in developing general Medicaid policies and guidelines that had significant statewide impact.  In addition, he served on active duty in the Army for nine years and is a Desert Storm Veteran.

Mr. Campbell earned his Bachelor of Science in Mass Communications at Jackson State University.

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