Official portrait of Jeff London

Jeffrey F. London is the Executive Director of the Medical Disability Examination Office. He directs the world-wide disability compensation examination program and is responsible for helping veterans complete, timely and accurate examinations to support adjudication of their disability claims for service-connected disabilities. Jeff oversees all contract services and ensures that program contractors/vendors comply with policies, procedures, and directives for increased disability exam capacity, quality, and timeliness.

He also establishes policies, processes, objectives, and procedures; develops financial plans; and performs organizational and other special studies necessary for successful operations.

Before being appointed in his current role, Jeff served as the Executive Director, Loan Guaranty Service, where he directed the national loan program responsible for helping veterans obtain mortgages to purchase homes, adapt homes to accommodate their certain service-connected disabilities, retain their homes if they experience financial difficulties, as well as directing the program that sells real estate owned properties acquired through this process.

Jeff previously served as the Deputy Director, Loan Guaranty Service, and was responsible for the formulation, initiation, and execution of strategies, standards, policies, regulations, and procedures for the program.

In the past, Jeff also served as the Assistant Director for Oversight, Loan Guaranty Service, and he was responsible for ensuring program participants (e.g., lenders, servicers, and appraisers) and Loan Guaranty f ield personnel followed established policies and procedures, and he directed the oversight of the property management and portfolio loan contractor’s performance.

Jeff has 20 years of leadership and management experience in the public and private sectors. Prior to joining VA, he was a District Manager for ConocoPhillips Corporation and was responsible for corporate retail operations in Pennsylvania and Delaware.

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