Official Portrait of Mary Glenn

Mary Glenn was appointed Deputy Director of Contract Medical Disability Examination (MDE) on October 30, 2016. As Deputy Director, Mary oversees the implementation of the new Contract Examination staff. She monitors contractor performance for seven mandatorily funded disability examination contracts as well as ancillary contracts totaling $6.8 billion. Outside of this role, Mary provides oversight and supervision of personnel as well as leads working groups/initiatives inside and outside VA.

She manages a staff responsible for recommendations and decisions involving significant policy matters that impact program operations, other business lines, and result in substantial changes to benefits and/or services.

Prior to her appointment as the Deputy Director of MDE, Mary served as the Acting Deputy Director of Operations, Compensation Service. In this position, she was responsible for the development and implementation of policies and procedures related to the administration of VA disability and death compensation programs. As a result of these claims, VA issued over $60 billion in benefits to nearly 4 million Veterans and their dependents. In addition, she provided oversight to the Quality Assurance Center in Nashville, Tennessee, ensuring accuracy and consistency of the claims process by the Veterans Benefits Administration.

Mary has also served in leadership roles at multiple VA Regional Offices. She has served as Acting Director of the Boston, Houston, San Juan Regional Offices, and the Appeals Management Center proving herself instrumental in the administration of compensation, pension, home loan guaranty, and vocational rehabilitation and employment programs.

Compensation Service employs more than 280 personnel who administer benefit programs that in Fiscal Year 2016 paid over $75.5 billion in benefits to almost 5 million Veterans and their beneficiaries.

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