Senior advisor for Benefits

Maureen Elias serves as the Senior Advisor to the Under Secretary for Benefits on the development, adoption, and implementation of Department-wide programs and policies related to Benefits. In this role she analyzes and evaluates the effectiveness of these programs and policies and presents balanced recommendations for improvements. She represents the Under Secretary for Benefits in collaborative efforts regarding Departmental programs, initiatives, and policies.

Ms. Elias is a U.S. Army veteran as well as a U.S. Army retiree spouse. Prior to coming to the VA, Ms. Elias served on the House Veterans Affairs Committee and at two of the “Big Six” VSOs including Paralyzed Veterans of America and Vietnam Veterans of America. She has been recognized as one of the We Are the Mighty “Mighty 25”, 2021 VA Women Veteran Trailblazer, and as a HillVets100. She has appeared on various podcasts, testified before Congress, and written articles for various media outlets. Ms. Elias also volunteers as a storytelling instructor, helping Veterans, servicemembers, their families, survivors and caregivers learn to share their stories in ways that are meaningful.

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