Official portrait for Raymond Tellez

Raymond Tellez has been directly supporting VBA employees for over 20 years. He is currently serving as the Deputy Under Secretary for Automated Benefits Delivery (ADUSABD). He has been serving in this role since January 2024, where he is responsible for the Veterans Benefits Administration’s (VBA) technology and automation efforts to improve benefits claims processing for Veterans. This includes VBA’s Office of Benefits Automation and the Office of Business Integration to ensure technology efforts are focused on prioritizing resources to maximize the services VBA provides in leveraging automation to deliver benefits.

Before his current assignment, Mr. Tellez served as the Executive Director of the Office of Business Integration (OBI), where he refined OBI’s mission to focus on enabling effective investment decisions of VBA business systems with comprehensive, integrated business capabilities, which enable faster, more efficient delivery of benefits. He also provided implementation and integration services to deliver business capabilities and collaboration with the Office of Information and Technology as an advocate for VBA needs. OBI has four operational functions: 1) Benefits Investment Management division engages with VBA lines of business and staff offices to capture information technology (IT) needs aligned to VBA strategic goals and then prioritize those needs for IT investment plans; 2) Benefits Management Services division is responsible for tiered services of project management services, requirements documentation, business testing, and then deployments of capability; 3) Business Transformation Service division focuses on transformation services using public-private partnerships to deliver mission capability, modernization of business processes for improved outcomes, and customized digitization and data extraction services; 4) The Benefits Systems Management division provides business architecture tools for key decision making, standardizing data collection and usage across VBA and ensuring VBA security access policies are accurate and up to date.

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