Ronald Sagudan

Mr. Sagudan joined the Center for Minority Veterans as a Program Analyst in April 2007.  He serves as the Center’s Veteran Liaison for the Asian American /Pacific Islander American Veterans’ community.  As Liaison for the Asian American/Pacific Islander American Veteran’s community, he is constantly engaged in different events that promote cultural diversity.  He also identifies issues that effect Asian American/Pacific Islander American.

Before coming to the Department of Veterans Affairs, Mr. Sagudan worked for several healthcare organizations prior to joining the Center.  These agencies include:  Integrated Health Services, Inc., The American Red Cross, and HCIA-Sachs, and Kaiser Permanente Mid-Atlantic.  Mr. Sagudan is the son of retired United States Navy Vietnam Veteran, the nephew of Philippines Scout, and grandson was a World War II Filipino Veteran.  He has been an active member of several organizations in the Asian American/Pacific Islander community.

Mr. Sagudan has a Bachelors of Science degree in Health Science from Towson State University, and is working on his Graduate Certificate in Health Information Systems at George Mason University.

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