Wilmya Hardy Morneau

Wilmya Hardy Morneau was assigned as a Data Analyst/Program Analyst to the VA’s Center for Minority Veterans (CMV) in June 2019. She joined the team following a special assignment as a Management Analyst to the MISSION Act working group. She collects, researches, and reports data on minority Veterans to include African American/Black Veterans, Hispanic Veterans, Asian American and other Pacific Islander Veterans, and American Indian and Alaska Native Veterans. Ms. Morneau also makes recommendations to the Director, CMV on minority Veteran policies.

Ms. Morneau first joined the VA in 2010 as an Emergency Manager responsible for alerting the Secretary, Veterans Affairs, to all emergencies from facility power outages, wildfire threats, or active shooter incidents. In 2013 she was chosen as part of a special investigative team reviewing documents regarding the abuse of conference funds. In 2015 she was selected as a Program Analyst to support 15 Congressionally appointed commissioners by leading working groups, directing conferences and providing research for the President’s Commission on Care. This Commission was responsible for making recommendations to the President on how to improve VHA looking forward 20 years. In 2017 she was the Executive Assistant to the Senior Advisor to the Secretary working on key projects that led to the development of the MISSION Act. Ms. Morneau also supported VHA’s Office of Policy and Planning before joining VHA’s Office of Human Capital Management on the Director’s Correspondence Team.

Ms. Morneau, armed with a Master’s Degree in Latin American Studies from Tulane University, served for 13 years as an Air Force Officer fighting the drug war and operating out of various Central and South American countries. Prior to coming to the federal government Ms. Morneau spent 15 years in the private sector as a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative (Pfizer and Sanofi) winning numerous national top sales awards. Currently, she is a long-time member of Rotary International and the Chair, VOACC Hope Center Advisory Board in Maryland.