Zebulon Fox, Associate Executive Director for the Office of Facilities Acquisition

Dr. Zebulon Fox serves as the Associate Executive Director for the Office of Facilities Acquisition (OFA) and Head of Contracting Activity within the Office of Construction and Facilities Management (CFM). As the Associate Executive Director of OFA, Dr. Fox oversees CFM’s Major Construction and Architect and Engineering (A/E) contracting program as well as CFM’s procurement policy office, acquisition career management, and interagency acquisition support program. Dr. Fox serves as the principal advisor to the Executive Director of CFM by providing procurement oversight and guidance to effectively manage the Major Construction Program, in addition to seismic corrections, physical security, and historic preservation of VA’s facilities.

Dr. Fox retired from U.S. Army Reserves in 2021 with military service including OIF/OEF deployments. Prior to Dr. Fox’s appointment, Dr. Fox served as the CFM Director of AE Construction Contracting Policy Service. Dr. Fox’s career at VA began at the VA Acquisition Academy as a member of the Acquisition Fellow class of 2009. Dr. Fox earned a Doctorate in Business Administration from Walden University in 2019 and maintains FAC-C Level III, LCP Level II, and FE/C Level I certifications.

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