Leroy Larkins, Executive Director, Office of Revolving Funds

Mr. Leroy Larkins was selected as the Executive Director for the Revolving Funds in the Office of Management (OM) on November 24, 2019.  In this pivotal role, Mr. Larkins continues to provide leadership and expertise in ensuring financial and fiduciary oversight, compliance, and reporting activities associated with managing and sustaining the activities of the Franchise and Supply Funds, including implementing Revolving Fund decisions concerning distribution of funds and fee setting.

Prior to this position, Mr. Larkins served as the Associate Deputy Assistant Secretary (ADAS) for Financial Audit.  In that role, he developed and implemented department-level corrective action plans for the financial statement audit and led the business process reengineering for the Financial Management Business Transformation related to the Department’s implementation of the Momentum financial management solution. In his previous position as the Senior Policy Advisor in the Office of Finance, Mr. Larkins was responsible with leading the Special Projects Office and managing the initiative to relaunch and implement the Veterans Affairs Time and Attendance System. 

Prior to joining VA in 2014, Mr. Larkins worked for the Department of Treasury’s Office of Financial Innovation and Transformation, where he managed the development and implementation of the Federal Agency Migration Evaluation strategic plan and accompanying guidance to assist agencies in developing standard sustainable templates. 

Serving as a transformational leader with more than twenty-eight years of progressively broader assignments within the Federal Government’s financial community, he is recognized as a forward-leaning change agent on numerous high-visibility initiatives. As an accomplished Program Manager, he has consistently delivered quality results in support of his customers, stakeholders, and the public.

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