Revolving Funds

The Office of Revolving Funds (ORF) enables the Department to deliver a full range of products and services to our nation’s Veterans by providing strategic and financial oversight of both Revolving Funds – VA Supply Fund and VA Franchise Fund, along with improvements for management, accountability and transparency of VA Staff Offices’ reimbursable agreements.

Our mission is to provide best in class shared services and financial support through strategic planning of VA Revolving Funds; execute outstanding financial support capabilities; produce sound business plans for product and/or service lines; and offer cost-effective solutions for our stakeholders through shared services while maintaining clean financial audit results.

ORF program is governed by the Revolving Funds Board of Directors (RFBOD), which function as the principal governance body overseeing the strategic priorities, goals and objectives for the operations and execution of VA Revolving Funds. The RFBOD ensures VA Revolving Funds’ resources are strategically utilized to enhance customer relationships through participation in the overall planning and operations of the VA Supply Fund and VA Franchise Fund.

ORF supports the Department by providing guidance in budget formulation and execution of each Acquisition and Enterprise Center through sound Business Plans. ORF is comprised of the following four organizational elements:

  • Franchise Fund Oversight
  • Supply Fund Oversight
  • Supply Fund Fiscal Operations
  • Reimbursement (for General Administration)

Through stewardship and oversight of business activities for VA Supply Fund, VA Franchise Funds and General Administration agreements, ORF promotes public confidence while meeting fiduciary requirements consistent with national policy, law and regulation.

Leroy Larkins

Executive Director, Office of Revolving Funds