Capital Asset Policy, Planning and Strategy

The Capital Asset Policy, Planning and Strategy Service (CAPPS) serves as the focal point for the development and guidance of a cost-effective and flexible capital asset, acquisition and management process for all types of capital investments. Specifically, the CAPPSS will:

  • Develop, recommend and promulgate Department capital asset policy by instituting a life cycle focus for investments and ensuring capital activities are accomplished in concert with the Department’s strategic vision and strategic management process. Policies will ensure consistency across the Department in investment strategy approaches and within programs and transactions.
  • Establish an Investment Protocol (IP) to ensure a systematic and sound business analysis of proposed investments including standardized asset applications, verification of investment need and guidance on the selection of the appropriate acquisition program. The IP will provide a prioritized structured decision tree to facilitate the determination of the most advantageous method for acquiring a capital asset.
  • Develop and coordinate the Department’s budget year and long-term Department Capital Plan for submittal to OMB in support of the annual budget request via the Strategic Capital Investment Planning (SCIP) Process. The Capital Plan will streamline current interactions with Office of Management Budget (OMB) regarding capital issues and serve as a vehicle for submission of required budget exhibits.
  • Develop financing plans, as applicable, for the long-term Capital Plan, consisting of a mix of appropriated and non-appropriated funding, across all investment programs and all VA elements. The financing plans will be developed in conjunction with the VA Capital Plan and coordinate VA’s public and private endeavors.
  • Set financing policy and strategy for private sector financing in order to minimize total cost to the federal government, which may involve many types of non-appropriated sources. Provide guidance and standardized language for financing structures for private and public asset development ventures.
  • Provide program specific guidance for investment categories by providing guidance and assistance in developing Capital Plans and processes for investment review that are compliant with directions from OMB, Government Accountability Office (GAO) and Congress. Specific guidance will be issued for all capital investment programs (e.g., Non-Recurring Maintenance, Enhanced-Use, Energy Savings Performance Contracts, Leasing, Enhanced Sharing, Major and Minor Construction, etc.).
  • Develop legislative proposals to provide flexibility to the Department in managing VA’s assets. Activities may also include requesting clarifying language from Congress. Legislative activities will be coordinated with General Counsel and the Office of Congressional and Legislative Affairs.
  • Ensure adherence to legislative requirements of Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA), Federal Acquisition Streamlining Act (FASA), Clinger/Cohen, etc., by continuously monitoring the requirements of the legislation and against the products generated. Ensuring that required reports relating to capital asset management are submitted to OMB and Congress in a timely manner.
  • Serve as liaison with OMB, GAO, Congress, Appropriating and Authorizing Committees and other interested parties with regard to the Department Capital Asset Plan. This office will serve as the Department’s advocate for improved capital investments with OMB and Congress.
  • Provide planning and execution oversight and monitor performance of Construction and Non-Recurring Maintenance programs for all VA Administrations and Staff Offices.
  • Provide oversight of joint VA and Department of Defense (DoD) capital projects’ identification, planning, budgeting and executing efforts via the joint VA/DoD Capital Asset Planning Committee.

Scott Grim


Capital Asset Policy, Planning and Strategy Service (044B)