Intergovernmental Affairs

Intergovernmental Affairs is responsible for all relations between VA and international, state, county, municipal and tribal governments. The primary function of the office is to provide strategic advice, guidance and information about VA to foster and enhance government partnerships. Acts as the liaison between VA and the White House to further the state and local policy. Manages collaboration with Federal, state, county, municipal, tribal, insular and international governments and faith-based leaders. The Executive Director for Intergovernmental Affairs has management oversight of the Office of Tribal Government Relations, the Center for Faith and Opportunity Initiative and the Office of State and Local Government Affairs.

State and Local Government Affairs (SLGA) manages participation in intergovernmental affairs initiatives, including White House-sponsored policy initiatives and events, as well as, maintains collaboration with state and local stakeholders regarding policy and delivery of services in their respective jurisdictions. SLGA serves as the Department’s point of contact for intergovernmental affairs matters and serves as the primary point of contact with all, state and local government officials. SLGA facilitates government to government relations that enhance access to VA services and benefits for Veterans and their families. SLGA International requests by foreign entities for program visits and collaboration.
  • Coordinates with other federal agencies in developing programs and subject matter exchanges for representatives of foreign governments concerning Veteran issues.
  • Organizes with foreign governments all international commemorative events such as the anniversary of foreign wars, battles, and official recognition by foreign governments of our Veterans.

The Office of Tribal Government Relations (OTGR) supports VA’s efforts to engage in positive government to government relationships with more than 500 tribal governments located in over 30 states. These governmental relationships equip VA to effectively respond to the needs and priorities of Veterans living in Indian Country. Additionally, the agency is informed as it seeks to develop and expand existing partnerships that enhance Veterans and their families’ access to services and benefits.

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The Center for Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships  (CFBNP) participates in numerous outreach events nationwide to partner with organizations that serve our nation’s Veterans. During partnership events, we bring a broad spectrum of VA resources and information through breakout sessions that include Veteran E-Benefits, survivors assistance, Veteran homelessness, opioid epidemic, and suicide prevention training by a trained VA Suicide Prevention Coordinator (SPC). We need your organizations assistance to reach the 24.4 million Veterans across the country by partnering with us to host an event, through volunteering, coordinating clergy specific suicide prevention training, or learning how to establish a Veterans welcome center/ministry.

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The Office of Rural Engagement leverages the strengths and resources of the federal government, the Department of Veteran Affairs and Veterans themselves to help build resilient rural communities to ultimately improve the health and well-being of rural Veterans.