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Our mission is to completely change the way we talk to Veterans and the media. We want to make sure that we are getting the right message to the right Veteran at the right time.

Adam S. Farina

Deputy Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs

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Senior Advisor

The Senior Advisor is the senior Federal civil service public affairs officer and coordinator for external information delivery. Public Affairs encompasses the following elements: Media Relations, Field Operations and Digital Media Engagement. Media Relations focuses on engagement, through media interviews, press conferences, news releases and coordinated responses to media queries. Field Operations provides VA Central Office (VACO) liaison and staff assistance on a regional basis for Veterans Integrated Service Networks (VISN), Veterans Affairs Medical Centers (VAMC), VBA Regional Offices (RO) and National Cemeteries. Digital Media Engagement focuses on content material for web operations through blogs and other online publications, engagement on multiple social media platforms and measurements of effectiveness through social media.

Field Operations

Field Operations Service consists of six regional public affairs offices that serve as the public relations conduit between local facilities in each Administration and VA Central Office. The field team coordinates the release of external and internal public affairs information, provides direct support and public relations counsel, manages training for all communications personnel at the regional level, and supports the Secretary and Deputy Secretary during visits to VA facilities.

Digital Media Engagement (DME)

Digital Media Engagement (DME) manages VA’s social media platforms and provides policy oversight and support to VA’s three administrations, staff offices and facilities. DME also creates award-winning digital content, trains the field in content creation and assists other VA organizations to maximize their online communications efforts. DME manages VA’s flagship blog, VA News, that delivers critical news and information to more than 1.5 million Veterans, Caregivers and Survivors each month.

Press Secretary

The Press Secretary serves as a senior advisor to the Secretary and Deputy Secretary on media engagement and strategic messaging. The Press Secretary also provides departmental guidance on the Department of Veterans Affairs Functional Organization Manual Version 6.0 Functional Organization Manual 313 messaging regarding implementation of the Secretary/Deputy Secretary policies, plans and goals to serve Veterans, their families, their survivors and other beneficiaries. The Press Secretary maintains a direct coordination line with the Secretary and Deputy Secretary.

Media Relations

Media Relations serves as VA’s main conduit with the external news media. OMR plans and directs the Department’s public affairs program. OMR staffers help plan issue-driven public affairs campaigns; manages and executes media events (press conferences, interviews, media roundtables, media support to major VA events, etc.); coordinates public affairs events with the Department’s three Administrations and key program offices; drafts, distributes and maintains news releases and fact sheets, communications plans, white papers and similar products.

Questions or comments should be directed to the Office of Media Relations –  vapublicaffairs@va.gov

Strategic Planning and Veteran Outreach

Serves as the senior advisor on matters pertaining to development of Department-wide communications policy, advertising, strategic communications and is a key conduit with other OPIA Federal employees. The Executive Director for Strategic Planning and Veteran Outreach is also responsible for providing oversight, guidance and direction to the Office of National Veterans Outreach, the Office of Internal Communications, the Office of the Executive Speechwriters and the Homeless Veterans Outreach and Strategic Communications Office. The Executive Director for Strategic Planning and Veteran Outreach serves as OPIA senior career representative on all VA senior executive boards and management reviews.

National Veterans Outreach Office (NVO)

The NVO leads, coordinates and reports outreach program activities and communications throughout the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to increase Veterans’ awareness of and confidence in VA’s healthcare, benefits and services, and how to apply for them; complies with U.S.C. 38 Chapter 63.

Download the Biennial Outreach Report to Congress dated December 1, 2020. (PDF, 104 pages)

Each year the Veterans Day National Committee publishes a commemorative Veterans Day poster. The Committee selects a poster from artwork submitted by artists nationwide. It also distributes the winning design to VA facilities, military installations around the world, and across cities and towns in our nation. It then serves as the cover of the official program for the Veterans Day Observance at Arlington National Cemetery.

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Homeless Veterans Outreach and Strategic Communications

This office is responsible for increasing awareness of VA resources for Veterans who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. The office also develops collaborative relationships with organizations that can assist VA in filling gaps in the areas of employment, move-in essentials and affordable housing for homeless Veterans, while coordinating with Federal, state and local partner organizations to synchronize messaging about homeless Veterans’ issues.

Executive Speechwriters

The Executive Speechwriters works in direct support of the Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Deputy Secretary, and Chief of Staff to research, write, revise and edit high quality executive speeches, audiovisual presentations, Congressional testimony, opening statements, messages, talking points, video scripts, correspondence and other strategic communications products such as op-eds, reports and presentations. Executive Speechwriters research and analyze the audiences to whom these products will be delivered so that Department leaders understand their audiences. Executive Speechwriters also teach speechwriting and strategic communications to public affairs specialists from across the country on request and at the OPIA National Training Academy.

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