Angela Billups, PhD, Executive Director, Office of Acquisition and Logistics

Dr. Angela Billups was appointed as the Executive Director, Office of Acquisition and Logistics at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) on November 26, 2018. As the Executive Director of one of the largest acquisition and logistics programs in the Federal government, Dr. Billups manages and oversees the development and implementation of policies and procedures for department-wide acquisition and logistics programs supporting all VA facilities and the VA Acquisition Academy in Frederick, Maryland. She is the primary advisor to the Chief Acquisition Officer and to the Secretary of Veterans Affairs for matters related to enterprise business strategies and acquisition management. Dr. Billups also serves as the VA Senior Procurement Executive and VA Suspension and Debarment Official.

Dr. Billups is a seasoned acquisition professional with years of experience advising and assisting senior officials, both government and industry, with the goal of helping them realize the acquisition lifecycle is a strategic enabler and why Federal government missions cannot be accomplished without a strategic approach to acquisition. She has demonstrated exceptional performance delivering optimized results during constant change while leading the way to sustained excellence through transformation of acquisition-supporting Defense and Civilian Agencies. She is strategically focused on delivering better outcomes and has achieved outstanding results leading to mission success all while simultaneously growing environments which fosters creativity and innovation in the conduct of various acquisition-related functions throughout the lifecycle.

Dr. Billups is a member of the National Contract Management Association and she also serves on the Board of Advisors. She continues to perform speaking engagements at various industry and Federal forums.

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