Brianne Ogilvie was appointed as the Assistant Deputy Under Secretary for Policy and Oversight in April 2021. Brianne supports the Deputy Under Secretary in ensuring the effective operation and oversight for ten Business Lines and Program Offices. These services and programs consist of over 24,000 employees and are responsible for over $123B in benefit payments to Veterans, service members, their family members, and survivors.

Brianne leads the coordination of enterprise-level initiatives, projects, and procedural changes that provide Veterans and claimants access to disability compensation, pension, education, vocational readiness, employment, transition assistance, insurance, and home ownership.

Prior to this appointment, Brianne served as the Executive Director of the Office of Administrative Review (OAR). In this role, she administered VBA’s modernized decision review (higher-level review) program for Veterans and survivors and oversaw VBA’s legacy appeals, responsible for all related policy and operations for 2,100 employees nationwide. Before serving as the Executive Director, she served as the office’s Deputy Executive Director. Under her oversight, VBA significantly decreased its legacy appeals inventory from over 268,000 to approximately 30,000 and fully implemented and maintained a modernized disagreement process, exceeding all set timeliness goals.

Brianne previously served as the chief of Litigation and Customer Support at the Board of Veterans’ Appeals (Board). As chief, Brianne was responsible for the oversight of all appeals returning to the Board from the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims, as well as all aspects of customer and client support, to include the Privacy Act office, call center, correspondence, Congressional and field office liaisons, and motions.

Brianne also served as an acting division chief for the Board’s Case Management Division, overseeing appeals workflow and mail and decision management. While serving in a Deputy Director of Operations-type of role, she was personally responsible for significant operational transformations at the Board, to include the centralization of motion practice, transformation of the call center, and business process reengineering focused on appeals case workflow.

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