Ms. Denise Kitts serves as the Executive Director of the Enterprise Measurement and Design Office for the Veterans Experience Office (VEO), which she rejoined in 2022 after helping establish VEO in 2015.

She is responsible for the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Qualitative and Quantitative Data Strategy and deploying VA’s Trust Survey along with dozens of operational and program level surveys. She is leading VEO efforts to deploy advance analytics to unlock and transform data into actionable insights to translate VA business data into decisions and actions. She is also leading VA’s human center design practice, leveraging best practices to conduct research with Veterans to understand pain points and unmet needs in the Veteran journey. The research insights are used to drive decisions and identify service redesign efforts to improve both the employee and Veteran experience.

Ms. Kitts was the Chief Data Technology Officer for the Chief Technology Office within the Office of Information and Technology prior to rejoining VEO. In that position, she successfully led development of the Department of Defense (DoD) VA Joint Data Analytics Strategy and Plan of Action, defined the first DoD VA strategic data analytics vision and strategy, and partnered with the VA Chief Data Office to define the first VA Data Analytics Strategy and Roadmap. She also led several different teams to define VA’s data analytics architecture, deploy modern cloud analytic infrastructure and tools, and build authoritative data products to support VA’s data analytic needs.

Ms. Kitts was formerly Executive Director of VEO’s Multi-Channel Technology directorate. In this role, Ms. Kitts led VA’s efforts to improve customer experience across all channels Veterans choose to engage with VA, ensuring those channels are convenient, easy to use, and provide personalized, proactive services.

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