Official portrait of Jocelyn Moses

Ms. Moses was selected as the Senior Principal Advisor to the Compensation Service Director where she provides program advisory services to identify developmental opportunities to Compensation Service leadership, to enhance program administration and process improvement efficiencies, and to proactively resolve VA Office of Inspector General and Government Accountability Office audits. She leads collaborative efforts with the Department of Defense on interactions that impact disability benefits for Veterans and transitioning Service Members.

Prior to this role, Ms. Moses served as the Director of Pre-Discharge and Interagency Collaboration within Compensation Service. In this position, she was responsible for program oversight and implementation of several joint Department of Veterans Affairs and Department of Defense Initiatives to include the Integrated Disability Evaluation System, the Separation Health Assessment Initiative, and the creation of the Records Research Center due to the U.S. Army’s Joint Services Records Research Center mission realignment. She established a Computer matching agreement with the Department of Education which resulted in more than $650M in student loan relief to over 22,000 Veterans and maintained data agreements with external federal agencies which yielded a cost benefit savings of over $300M annually. Under Ms. Moses’ leadership and oversight the Compensation program achieved IPERA improper payment reduction targets for FY 2016-2018, reducing improper payments from $1.3B in FY15 to $53M in FY18.

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