In August 2023, John Green was appointed as Executive Director for the Strategic Program Management Office (SPMO) in Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA). In this role, John is VBA’s Customer Experience (CX) Executive, which is an expressed priority of the SECVA and President. He leads a team of skilled program and project managers and CX practitioners who provide the skills, experience, and tools necessary to manage complex, enterprise-wide projects efficiently and effectively while focusing relentlessly on customer experience. SPMO manages several contracts, totalling $176 million, supporting the VBA enterprise.

Prior to his current appointment, John served as the Director of Operations, Safety, Security and Preparedness Directorate (OSSP). In this role, he was directly responsible for all safety, security, and emergency preparedness issues for all of VBA’s 56 Regional Offices and over 300 out-based offices, geographically dispersed across the United States, its territories, and the Philippines. John also provided expert advice to the Under Secretary for Benefits directing the day-to-day operational activities as well as emergency situations that may occur with the Department of Veterans Affairs.

During his time with OSSP, John completed a 6-month detail as the Acting Deputy Executive Director of Medical Disability Examination Office. In this role, he monitored performance for seven mandatorily funded disability examination contracts totaling $6.8 billion annually. He was also responsible for recommendations and decisions involving significant policy matters that impact program operations, and other business lines, and result in substantial changes to benefits or services.

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