Justin Abold-LaBreche, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Planning and Performance Management

Dr. Justin L. Abold-LaBreche was sworn in as the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Planning and Performance Management, Office of Enterprise Integration, Department of Veterans Affairs on March 14, 2022. He is responsible for leading the Department’s strategic planning, enterprise risk management, performance management, and enterprise governance. As part of these responsibilities, he serves as the Department’s Performance Improvement Officer and as VA’s Evaluation Officer.

Prior to joining VA, Dr. Abold-LaBreche served as a member of the Senior Executive Service with the Internal Revenue Service. His most recent assignment was Co-Director for Enterprise Digitalization and Case Management where he led the IRS’s largest business and technology transformation effort, modernizing and migrating the IRS’s major lines of business into a new shared case management platform and working toward decommissioning legacy systems. Dr. Abold-LaBreche’s other senior executive positions with the IRS include Senior Advisor to the IRS Commissioner for Data Analytics; Director, Shared Services and Government Entities, Tax Exempt and Government Entities Division; Field Director, Accounts Management (Austin), Wage and Investment Division; and Initiative Director, Office of Compliance Analytics. Prior to joining the IRS, Dr. Abold-LaBreche served in the Department of Homeland Security.

Dr. Abold-LaBreche began his career as an Officer in the United States Air Force with assignments at Goodfellow Air Force Base; Beale Air Force Base; the Joint Chiefs of Staff; and the Defense Intelligence Agency. His deployments include peacekeeping operations in Bosnia and Herzegovina and air operations over Serbia.

Dr. Abold-LaBreche earned a Bachelor of Science from Yale University in 1996, Master of Science from the National Defense Intelligence College in 1997, and Doctorate of Philosophy from Oxford University in 2011.