Timothy Sirhal is the Executive Director of the Office of Administrative Review (OAR), within the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA). In this role, he administers VBA’s modernized decision review (higher- level review) program for Veterans and survivors who disagree with VBA’s decision on a benefit claim and oversees remands to VBA from the Board of Veterans’ Appeals (BVA). Timothy is responsible for all related policy and has operational control of over 1,200 VBA employees.

Prior to Timothy’s role with OAR, he served as the Deputy Director of VBA’s, Insurance Service. In this role, he was responsible for VA’s national life insurance programs, which included 10 different programs with 5.8 million insured at a face value of $1.2 trillion. In total, the programs disbursed approximately $2 billion in benefits annually. He had operational control over an administrative budget of $45 million and over 300 employees, and he maintained responsibility for a variety of legislative, regulatory, and national policy initiatives relating to VA life insurance.

Previously, Timothy served as a principal advisor to the Deputy Under Secretary for Disability Assistance in providing oversight of VBA’s disability compensation, pension, fiduciary, and insurance programs. In so doing, his duties included national policy development and resolution of high visibility issues with congressional and external stakeholders, including legislation and regulatory initiatives pertaining to life insurance and disability benefits appeals. Timothy has also served as VBA’s Chief, Integrated Disability Evaluation System, with responsibility for policy and procedures governing VA’s and the Department of Defense’s joint disability evaluation program for Servicemembers separating from military service as a result of disability.

Prior to joining VBA, Timothy served an Appellate Attorney for the Department of Veterans Affairs’ (VA) Office of General Counsel, representing the agency before the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims.

In that role, he focused on legal matters arising from VBA’s disability compensation, pension, insurance, and fiduciary programs. He also worked as an attorney at private law firms in the Philadelphia area, focusing on employment and elder law, and is currently licensed to practice law in Pennsylvania.

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