The Office of Finance (OF), under the direction of the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Finance is comprised of approximately 400 federal employees in the Office of Financial Audit, the Office of Financial Policy, the Office of Financial Reporting, and the Debt Management Center (DMC).

The Office of Finance strives to continually improve the quality of the Department’s financial management and operations. The office provides stewardship of Departmental financial resources and provides financial information, financial statements and reports on VA’s appropriations and general, revolving, special, and deposit funds for cost and obligation accounting. We develop financial policy, systems and operating procedures for all VA financial entities, and provides guidance and direction on all aspects of financial management.

The office manages VA’s annual financial audit process, including business process improvements and agency-wide financial management training. It produces financial statements and publishes the Department’s Agency Financial Report. It is responsible for maintenance and modification of VA’s legacy core accounting system, the Financial Management System. The Office of Finance’s Debt Management Center administers many of VA’s debt management activities.

Joanne Choi

Deputy Assistant Secretary, Office of Finance