Management, Planning and Analysis (MPA) provides HRA/OSP mission support for strategic planning, programming, budget formulation, organizational performance, acquisition and program management, HR liaison duties and logistical support for the workforce and childcare subsidy management and execution for the VA workforce. MPA priorities focus on providing the tools, skills and communication to support the organization’s larger business transformation and integration efforts. MPA also ensures alignment with VA goals, compliance with HRA/OSP policies and procedures, and adherence to internal controls and directives. These focus priorities and compliance activities provide oversight for the organization’s human capital management, and workplace security and preparedness services.

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Fernando M. Huerta

Acting Executive Director


  • Creates and maintains a viable Strategic Human Capital Operational Plan for the VA enterprise.
  • Supports budget formulation and tracks budget execution for HRA/OSP, conducts risk management and internal controls activities and coordinates legislative proposals.
  • Develops and updates organizational performance criteria; provides routine internal and external performance reporting; responds to data calls and specific inquiries from government agencies such as GAO or Congress.
  • Conducts oversight and management of HRA/OSP’s investment portfolio, to include Lifecycle Acquisition and Contract Management and other related areas.
  • Ensures appropriate training and certification of acquisition professionals in HRA/OSP; provides governance, tools and resources to ensure compliance to VA acquisition policies.
  • Provides targeted human resources and logistical support for effective operations and across a range of activities within HRA/OSP.
  • Executes VA’s Child Care Subsidy Program for all eligible employees.

VA Child Care Subsidy Program

Congress enacted Public Law 107-67, Sec. 630, on November 12, 2001. This legislation permits Federal agencies to use appropriated funds to provide a program to assist their Federal employees with the costs of childcare. A childcare subsidy benefit can reduce the amount of costs parents pay out-of-pocket for childcare services by providing subsidies directly to the qualified licensed childcare provider. Full-time VA employees are eligible to participate if they are employed at VA a minimum of 60 calendar days. VA Childcare subsidy payments are not paid directly to VA employees. The Office of Management, Planning and Analysis (MPA), HRA/OSP, is responsible for oversight of the operational component of the CCSP.