To serve as the intelligence hub for enabling all aspects of human capital (HC) within the organization fostering a well-functioning and engaged workforce. We provide HR expertise to our customers to drive proactive change and transformation. We do this through cross-functional collaboration consistent with our ICARE principles and committed to delivering robust, data-driven, and innovative solutions for VA HC needs.

Tracey Therit

Tracey Therit

Chief Human Capital Officer


To provide governance, policy and guidance with regard to recruitment, staffing, enterprise-wide HR systems, classification, compensation, leave, performance management, recognition, work-life and benefits, workforce and succession planning, employee and labor relations, learning and development and alternative dispute resolution.

OCHCO is the corporate human capital office for the Department accountable for human capital strategy and outcomes. OCHCO is a strategic business partner to the administrations where human resources services are delivered to the workforce.

CHCO represents the VA on the CHCO Council, chairs the VA Employee Engagement Council, and participates in interagency workgroups led by the Office of Personnel Management and Office of Management and Budget.

Focus Areas and Key Initiatives in FY 2024

Customer Focus

  • Pilot new HR IT system
  • Deploy new learning management system
  • Increase employment of Veterans and Military Spouses
  • Establish Human Resources Service Center, charter governance council, improve customer service
  • Implement and monitor the effectiveness of new Hybrid Work arrangements in the NCR
  • Provide labor relations training


  • Pilot Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve OCHCO work products
  • Leverage WalkMe as a solution for HRIT systems

Policies and Guidance

  • Publish enterprise compensation strategies
  • Publish updated policies and toolkits on Hybrid Work

Workforce Planning

  • Identify and develop staff to lead and create more resiliency in OCHCO

What we do

Center for Enterprise Human Resources Information Services (CEHRIS)

CEHRIS’ mission is to support best-in-class HR service delivery through integrated, seamless, easy-to-use HR solutions. We are customer-centric, responsive, innovative, and focused on quality in everything we do.

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Human Capital Policies

Human Capital Policies (HCP) is made up of four services that provide strategic human capital support to VA Administrations and Staff Offices. The Services within HCP include the Recruitment and Placement Policy Service, the Compensation and Classification Service, the Oversight and Effectiveness Service, and the Strategic Human Capital Planning Service. HCP develops, publishes, and provides consultative advice on Department-wide policy and legislative matters related to several VA Directives and Handbooks (5001, 5003, 5004, 5005, 5007, 5022, 5024, etc.), Office of the Chief Human Capital Officer Bulletins, VA memorandums and other program guidance.

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Human Capital Programs

Human Capital Programs consists of three services that provide strategic human capital support to VA Administrations and Staff Offices: Employee Relations and Performance Management; Worklife and Benefits; and Alternative Dispute Resolution. These services develop, implement, and provide consultative advice and guidance on the following VA Directives and Handbooks: 5009, Employee Benefits; 5011, Hours of Duty and Leave; 5013, Performance Management Systems; 5017, Employee Recognition and Awards; 5019, Employee Occupational Health Service; 5021, Employee/Management Relations; 5383, VA Drug-Free Workplace Program; and 5978, Alternative Dispute Resolution.

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Human Capital Services Center (HCSC)

Established under the Office of Human Resources and Administration/Operations Security and Preparedness (HRA/OSP) and the Office of the Chief Human Capital Officer (OCHCO), the Human Capital Services Center (HCSC) supports professional and leadership development for nearly 630,000 VA employees, contractors, volunteers, and academic affiliates.

HCSC products and services reduce costs, streamline processes, and save VA employees time so they can focus on delivering the best care and service to Veterans and their families.

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Human Resources Service Center (HRSC)

The Human Resources Service Center (HRSC) provides a full range of human resource products and services to VACO Staff Offices, supporting a workforce of approximately 19,000. The primary purpose of the HRSC is to ensure that VACO Staff Offices have a skilled workforce to support Veterans and their families.

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Labor Management Relations (LMR)

The mission of LMR is to promote labor-management cooperation throughout the Department to enable VA’s unions and management officials to work as partners in improving the delivery of service to veterans and their families and in creating a positive work environment for employees.

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Veteran and Military Spouse Talent Engagement Program (VMSTEP)

The Veteran and Military Spouse Talent Engagement Program (VMSTEP) provides employment readiness assistance and outreach to transitioning service members, Veterans, and eligible military spouses while advocating the use of special hiring authorities, employment programs, and Veteran retention strategies to help VA become the employer of choice for Veterans and military spouses.

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