The Manpower Management Service (MMS) provides policy and oversight to ensure the VA has the right staffing levels and organizational structure to promote the most efficient and economical use of resources to meet the mission. Manpower management provides a framework for workload-based manpower requirements and standardized organizational structure utilizing analytical tools and methodologies. MMS programs facilitate VA’s planning, budgeting and workforce management by providing leadership with manning documents and business intelligence tools to facilitate strategic decision making and resource management.

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Director, VA Manpower Management Service


  • MMS has three focus areas: policy and processes, manpower management and organizational design.
  • Develops, publishes and oversees integrated position and organizational management policies and processes, and uses audit tools to monitor compliance with these policies and processes.
  • Develops, manages and validates analytic tools to provide workload-based staffing requirements in support of workforce optimization.
  • Generates manning documents and business intelligence tools to inform management decisions.
  • Serves as the Manpower Office for Staff Offices and oversees Manpower Offices in the Administrations and OIT.