Operations, Security, and Preparedness

The Office of Operations, Security, and Preparedness (OSP) is a VA Central Office component. OSP provides policy and oversight across its extensive portfolio, ensuring the safety and security of Veterans, the VA workforce, and those interacting with the VA. Concurrently, OSP supports the continuity of mission critical and essential government services as part of the Nation’s overall response and preparedness efforts to emergencies and disasters. OSP provides strategic leadership for VA’s nationwide national security operations, preparedness, security and law enforcement missions and assures its integration across the Department.

Patrick L. Hernandez

Chief, Operations, Security, and Preparedness

VA Seal

David A. Elizalde

Senior Advisor, Mission Support


  • Responsible for policies that integrate safety into VA operations to ensure the welfare and security of Veterans, volunteers, employees and visitors at VA facilities.
  • Leads the Crisis Response Team to enable a rapid and effective transition from routine to emergency operations and the resulting recovery from a crisis or national security emergency.
  • Manages performance and risk profiles for all its portfolios.
  • Serves as the Department’s nationwide security representative with key interagency partners, other government branches, as well as public and private sectors.

What we do

Office of Security and Law Enforcement

The Office of Security and Law Enforcement OSLE is led by an Executive Director. OSLE is responsible for developing policies, procedures and standards that govern VA’s infrastructure protection, personal security, and law enforcement programs. OSLE provides oversight of VA Police Service units VA-wide ensuring the safety and security of Veterans, visitors and staff on VA facilities and grounds. OSLE regularly partners with other Federal law enforcement agencies to share information, conduct joint planning and coordinate policy development.

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Emergency Management and Resilience

The Office of Emergency Management and Resilience (OEMR) provides strategic guidance and implements policy for the Department’s preparedness and resilience portfolio across the spectrum of emergency management, continuity, national security and intelligence activities. This ensures the Department can effectively stabilize, restore and sustain mission assurance and manage consequences under any conditions regardless of threat or hazard.

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Office of VA Chief of Police

The Office of VA Chief of Police (OCOP) has overall responsibility for VA police training and operations pertaining to accountability, oversight, standardization and strengthening of VA police programs at VA facilities across the Nation.

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